February 18, 2018
Sun, 02 18, 2018

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    Hello Loves! The life of a blogger definitely can be stressful and is no Monday to Friday job. This life definitely carries over into most of my weekends but I love what I do so there isn't that much that I would complain about. Especially with my new decked out computer skin and phone case from CaseApp, it makes the weekend's work load a little easier to tackle! I love how you can customize your own collage and put together different combinations of patterns, prints and logos to make the perfect laptop skin and phone case! It adds such a flare to my desk and writing space and I love how easy it was to create.

    Attention all fellow fashion bloggers! “Who out here has been victimized by SEO?”
    *raises hand*

    If you’re a blogger, either old or new, you (should) know the importance of SEO and how it boosts your blog when searching for style looks. Initially when we started CCC, we had no idea what SEO was and let alone how to use it correctly. As we revamped our blog, learned more about the industry, and became more technologically advanced, we were able to start using our SEO effectively. Since then, we’re seeing our posts come up a lot more often (and sooner) within Google when we search for similar posts, and that’s exactly what we’re asking for!

    If you follow Song of Style like I do, you know her long awaited book, Capture Your Style is out and many, many, many are buying it. Being someone who loves her instagram aesthetic and likes that she sticks to her own individuality, I was pretty excited about it. I wanted to learn her secrets. I wanted to know her filters. I wanted to know what she uses and why. Did Capture Your Style, capture my attention while reading? Well peruse down below to get that answer.


    The most powerful, scariest and alluring color in my opinion. It is beautiful in all its glory.

    I love wearing it and most importantly, I love being it. Black that is. But this is not a black pride post. Even though every time I write it is a black pride post because I am a black woman who has pride in her blackness and her creative expression a la Comme Coco.

    This is about a different black.

    Black often times symbolizes death.

    A year ago today I almost died.

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