February 21, 2018
Wed, 02 21, 2018

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    Janée Barbre is a 24-year-old style and life blogger, with a cute lil’ curly fro’. Her self-titled blog has been around for a few years now, growing and glowing the way its supposed to. She’s got a love for writing, a passion for personal style, and slight thing for event planning. As a Floridian she experiences maybe two seasons a year, and spends the remainder living vicariously through the residents of NYC. So basically just the cast of Sex and The City, but don’t get it twisted… she ADORES the south! Diana Ross is her “muva,” which makes Tracee Ellis Ross her big sister, right? Either way, she’s certain that somehow they’re distant relatives who will soon reunite and take endless shopping trips. You can find her writing about “style, beauty & other pretty stuff” at www.janeebarbre.com!



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