February 25, 2018
Sun, 02 25, 2018

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    My interests aren’t conventional. I felt I needed an online space to share my opinions and views on issues relating to fashion. At the start of my degree at the London College of Fashion, I was a fashion enthusiast, with the hopes of working for big fashion magazines in fancy offices, but here I am now, at the end as a critic of fashion.

    B e y o n d S h o p p i n g goes beyond the surfaces of fashion. It’s not that I don’t like fashion, as this is a fashion blog. I’m addicted to shopping and I’m forever browsing. I like that there are always new things I want. However, what has inspired me to start  B e y o n d S h o p p i n g is from observing how social and cultural influences shape our behaviour. We all latch on to the latest trends in one way or another. I wonder why the same things with only slight variation are sold in almost every single shop on Oxford Street. I don’t necessarily condone nor oppose this but I care about individuality and embracing who you are, and this space aims to share how we can all embrace our individualism in our uniqueness through fashion. So, walk with me.



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