February 19, 2018
Mon, 02 19, 2018

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    Chantel Alford is a quiet city girl now living in the Valley she is pursuing her dreams and true passion of becoming a successful and established beauty and style editor. Chantel received her B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from San Francisco State and is currently working as a freelance writer, sharing her passion for food, life, entertainment, beauty and style one article at a time. She is also a Beauty Ambassador for The Color Workshop, Contributing Writer for The Runway Plus, Thriving Cougar and a Style & Beauty Editor for Werk Chic Magazine.

    Chantel Keona is maintained and edited by Chantel Alford, and on any given day you’ll find her in her office at her desk writing beauty, style, and lifestyle articles while sipping on coffee. When she’s taking a break from writing she is playing with Rottweiler, cooking delicious meals, watching her favorite tv shows, adding to her makeup and nail polish collection, upgrading her wardrobe and inspiring others to be the best they can be–all while living her life to the fullest!



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