February 21, 2018
Wed, 02 21, 2018

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    • Mindset; Enjoy The Journey

      Mindset; Enjoy The Journey

      Jan 16 2017
      While I haven’t been the resolution type since I was a young girl, I try to start each year by refocusing myself. More specifically getting clear on my next set of goals. Read More
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    Elizabeth Rhonda Life

    The process of healing can be a daunting one, but it's instrumental in the restoration process. I had been dealing with severe anxiety for some t...

    5 Must Do Things with 48 Hours in Venice

    Stephanie Masuwa Travel

    I recently went on a girl’s holiday to Italy which was my first vacation abroad with the girls. The trip was for 5 days in total and we visited 3 citi...

    "Where Are You From?" Third Culture Kids

    Hind Elhaj Culture

    Sudanese YouTube content creator, Hind Elhaj, discusses the identity confusion that can go along with being a Third Culture Kid.


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    Channeling Dolly Parton?

    Randi Nichole Joan Personal Style

    Can’t tell if i’m channeling Dolly Parton or it’s because i watched the Amy documentary finally but hey it’s a look. Yay spring! I don’t normally wear...

    Seven Year Itch Inspired

    Randi Nichole Joan Personal Style

    MM is an icon & a face to a lot of people, but to some she’s truly an inspiration. The first time I learned about her true life & legacy it sh...

    Pin Up Girl Inspired

    Randi Nichole Joan Personal Style

    This was my outfit for New York Comic Con!! I didn’t have enough to do the proper cosplays I wanted to this year…so next year I suppose.

    I'm The Hip-Hop Mary Poppins

    Kendro Personal Style

    I am so in love with this look! From head to toe, I love how it came together. A touch of 1980's, 1950's elements, and plenty of color and class. Like...

    Blogging Brings Out My Insecurities

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre Aug 25, 2017 Blogging

    Comme Coco is my baby. It is my little place on the internet that I can share my thoughts, outfits, inspirations and photography. It makes me oh so ha...

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    Why ModCloth is the Online Retailer You Need to Know About

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre Aug 28, 2017 Style

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    • Elizabeth Rhonda

      Lives life with purpose, lifestyle blogger, style influencer, brand ambassador & creative.…

    • Jennifer Jean-Pierre

      Just a Haitian born, Mid-Western raised, photo snappin, fashion lovin, football watchin (&playing) p…

    • Randi Nichole Joan

      Randi Nichole Joan is a fashion/beauty self-portrait artist, digital content creator, brand influenc…

    • Sheri

      I blog about my life as a new mom, travel, and personal growth. I grew up travelling so much and I a…

    • Stephanie Masuwa

      I am a Style and beauty blogger, based in Manchester. I aim at inspiring fellow ladies on how to str…

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