Thurs, 04 27, 2017


The Best Dressed Nerd is a new fashion and personal style blog and it's not about “nerdy fashion” as the title may suggest. Instead, it is my outlet and blank canvas to express myself. I’m the girl who loves fashion but whose “9-5” is in corporate America as a Database Developer. Like many other bloggers I have the desire to share what I love with the world.

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The most powerful, scariest and alluring color in my opinion. It is beautiful in all its glory.

I love wearing it and most importantly, I love being it. Black that is. But this is not a black pride post. Even though every time I write it is a black pride post because I am a black woman who has pride in her blackness and her creative expression a la Comme Coco.

This is about a different black.

Black often times symbolizes death.

A year ago today I almost died.

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