Sun, 10 22, 2017

Nelly's music institute wants to give Miss Robbie an honorary degree! It's a full circle moment, as Miss Robbie paved the way for Nelly's overwhelming success and inspired him to give back to his beloved city of St. Louis. Her inspirational speech gives the auditorium goose bumps, and provides a much-needed lift as the community of Ferguson braces for more unrest in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown.

It's the dead of winter and we're freezing our buns off! But even with minimal sun, I still want to keep my Caribbean-kissed, bright complexion. So, I've been relying on these products to help me get glowing fast!

Chad Ferguson lives and dies by the word of Darius parker.  So much so he compares him to Martin Luther King jr.  Unfortunately Chad's dreams of becoming like his idol might be cut short.  If he can't impress the editor at the watchmen.   Find out what happens in this dramatic opening of the second season of The Student Body!