Wed, 06 28, 2017

If you follow me on Twitter (@thethoughtcard) than you would know that I am obsessed with the English countryside. Back in July I spent a week in England and despite the unraveling Brexit situation, I had a wonderful time across the pond. I spent most of my time exploring South West England including Cheltenham and Bath. I also spent a day exploring Northamptonshire in the East Midlands.

Ahhh yes. The eternal conundrum – how to look cute and not freeze your butt off. I’m blessed to live in Canada – the home of free healthcare, the nicest people in the world, beautiful geography and home of some of the most vicious winter weather this side of Pluto.

Hey y’all!

I’m low-key obsessed with gallery walls. It’s the easiest way to fill a blank wall in your space. The great thing about gallery walls is they can include anything that you like; it doesn’t only have to be pretty pictures. I say it can include anything that can be hung.

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