Mon, 08 21, 2017

Ok- I am being a little extra with this blog post title. I mean, real talk, Travel Style: Goddess of the Desert is far from humble. Its as far as possible for me. But honestly these pictures are so amazing that I cannot help but TOOT my little horn. I have been really proud of myself and the quality content that I have been producing so yes I am confidently exclaiming it on the blog!

I recently went on a girl’s holiday to Italy which was my first vacation abroad with the girls. The trip was for 5 days in total and we visited 3 cities i.e. Venice, Lake Garda and Bergamo. Italy is a beautiful land of fashion, rich in history and culture plus it is considered as one of the most extended tourist goals in the world. There is so much to do in Italy and for those who love to travel to romantic places, Italy is a must visit. On the other hand if you have interest in meanings behind art, you will find that this location is a fantastic historical and artistic puzzle.

Some people will say yes there is a hook-up culture and some will say no. I recently read an article that said the hook-up culture always existed. And I don’t think that is the case, at least not as it is today. I would say when I was in my 20s, men still wanted to settle down and get married and you’re only looking at 20+ years ago.

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