Sat, 10 21, 2017


Whispering...Quiet Clubbing...


People have always said that Ms. Brown marched to the beat of her own drum. (They've honestly said that I marched to the beat of my own marching band. But hey, haters gonna hate.) However, the latest trend in clubbing might be tailor made for me. What is it? Quiet Clubbing! Quiet clubbing is a cutting edge new way to party! The idea is truly unique. It is a live music event where three DJs spin different genres which are streamed through wireless headphones.

Glowing colored LED lights indicate which station someone is listening to. If you don't like a song, try another station. If you want to have a conversation with the cutie standing next to you, you can do so without screaming and actually hear and understand each other. Best of all, you as the party goer control the volume and are able to give real time feedback to the DJ by simply switching stations. If a DJ doesn't see his color on the dance floor, he knows that he better up his game. Despite noise ordinances, clubs, bars, private residences, roof tops and outdoor venues can now host parties without fear of the neighbors complaining or the police showing up. One unexpected benefit is that Quiet Clubbing brings different types of people to the same venue. Indeed, Quiet Events recently held a "Generation Party", three Djs played music from the 20s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90's. It was a roaring success. Three generations came out and partied together!


Silent Disco/Quiet Clubbing

Now, let's talk about where Quiet Clubbing originated. It was initially called Silent Disco. William Petz is the entrepreneur who brought Silent Disco to the United States. He first experienced it on a Caribbean Cruise and initially didn't think that he would enjoy it (probably hassomething to do with the name. No one goes to anything named Disco in the States.).But, as you can probably guess, in spite of the name, he had a blast! The concept was tweaked, rebranded and caterpillar Silent Disco became butterfly Quiet Clubbing. I had the privilege of attending a Quiet Clubbing in event in San Francisco a few weeks ago and it was "da bomb"! Three DJ's were spinning Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music, and throw backs from the 80's and 90's. I honestly can't remember when I've had so much fun! I enjoyed DJ Blue, Joe Quijano the most! But all of the DJs were good and had active listeners. In fact, even I switched stations from time to time. Best of all, I didn't leave the club with a hurt ears and a sore throat.

Here are some photos of folks having a blast at the event!

b2ap3_thumbnail_Blue-Headphones-Coffy-Brown.jpg                                                      b2ap3_thumbnail_Coffy-and-DJ-Joe.JPG

Me with my quiet clubbing earphones set to blue!                                          Coffy and Dj Blue Joe Quijano

b2ap3_thumbnail_Girls-at-the-Monroe.JPG                                                  b2ap3_thumbnail_Beligian-Couple.JPG

Two good friends out on the town!                                                         A couple from Belgium & the wife is pregnant due the day after the event!

Now, don't be fooled. People enjoying themselves make noise. The quiet is not absolute. But, there is no window rattling bass that prevents you from sleeping or watching Empire in peace. So, how can you have your own Quiet Clubbing event? There is a rental process where you can order individual headsets via mail. The head set rental is five dollars per unit. The set up is extremely easy and user friendly. You can just hook up an IPod or any music player and dance away. The company can provide DJs at additional cost if you are in San Francisco or New York (they have access to over fifty.) however, most people who do private parties use their own DJ or play music through an iPod or an iPad. You can get more information on Quiet Clubbing at (If you are still concerned about how to operate the system, go getan eight year old, they are all technology experts and I'm sure would be happy to help you out.) So, now you have all the information you need to host your own Quiet Clubbing Event! Trust me, you'll absolutely love it! Don't tell anyone, but I think Quiet Clubbing may just be the wave of the future. Shhhh...

Quiet Regards,

Ms. Brown