Fri, 11 17, 2017


Let me put it out there… I am about this social media life. I have a public Twitter profile that I use for networking purposes, posting articles, sharing resources, and keeping up with current events. I have a private InstaGram profile that I use to post my selfies, hilarious memes, and nail art. But I also have two Facebook profiles. One of my Facebook profiles is public, searchable, and carries my government name. Another profile is private

The other day I was thinking about how much I loved my recent review of Reins Handmade Soaps and wish love how I've been able to connect with some companies since starting my blog just over a year ago. Really thinking about it, I realized that opportunity was only granted to me because I'm active on one of my social media outlets. This act sparked my mind and made me think that I should definitely share with you all what I do to expand my blog! I literally started from the bottom and now I'm here with hundreds of followers, doing reviews, receiving free products and reaching a much larger audience than a year ago. How do I do it?