NAACP Colorado Springs Office Bombing

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NAACP Colorado Springs Office Bombing

Postby oldschooldude » Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:08 pm

It seems odd that the bomb going off outside the Colorado Springs NAACP office is not getting more media attention. I did not learn about it until hours after it happened, and that was through Twitter; not the national news outlets.

With the movie Selma getting so much attention now, I thought the NAACP office bombing would have at least spawned discussions in the news about violence directed towards African-Americans then and now, or something along those lines. As of yet, I've heard nothing.

What I have been hearing a lot of recently, however, is criticism that Selma did not portray Lyndon B. Johnson accurately. I see that all the time, without even looking for it. There again, I hear no mention of the violence directed towards African-Americans.

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