December 11, 2017
Mon, 12 11, 2017

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    • Mindset; Enjoy The Journey

      Mindset; Enjoy The Journey

      Jan 16 2017
      While I haven’t been the resolution type since I was a young girl, I try to start each year by refocusing myself. More specifically getting clear on my next set of goals. Read More
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    Elizabeth Rhonda Sep 30, 2017 Life

    The process of healing can be a daunting one, but it's instrumental in the restoration process. I had been dealing with severe anxiety for some t...

    Travel Style: Goddess of the Desert

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre Aug 19, 2017 Travel

    Ok- I am being a little extra with this blog post title. I mean, real talk, Travel Style: Goddess of the Desert is far from humble. Its as far as poss...

    "Where Are You From?" Third Culture Kids

    Hind Elhaj Oct 01, 2017 Culture

    Sudanese YouTube content creator, Hind Elhaj, discusses the identity confusion that can go along with being a Third Culture Kid.

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    Channeling Dolly Parton?

    Randi Nichole Joan Apr 14, 2017 Personal Style

    Can’t tell if i’m channeling Dolly Parton or it’s because i watched the Amy documentary finally but hey it’s a look. Yay spring! I don’t normally wear...

    Finding My Hustle

    Cristi Tyrel Oct 08, 2017 Style Blogger's Desk

    So I took a hiatus because per usual, I cant keep it together. But in the spirit of a new season, Im sliding in these last Summer looks as well as sli...

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    Why ModCloth is the Online Retailer You Need to Know About

    Jennifer Jean-Pierre Aug 28, 2017 Style Blogger's Desk

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